Friday, 6 December 2013

2014 World Cup Draw

Vicente del Bosque's men will meet their old foes again,
while hosts Brazil will have to deal with Croatia, Mexico
and Cameroon
Reigning champions Spain have been paired with World
Cup 2010 runners-up Netherlands, South American
representatives Chile and Australia in Group B.
Hosts Brazil, meanwhile, were draw in one group with
Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon, while Euro 2012 runners-
up Italy will have to deal with Uruguay, England and Costa
Rica in Group D.
Furthermore, Group C promises to be an even section with
Colombia, Greece, Cote d'Ivoire and Japan, with
Group E consisting of Switzerland, Ecuador, France and
Argentina and Nigeria meet again in Group F after
previously locking horns at the 2010 World Cup, with Iran
and debutants Bosnia-Herzegovina completing their
Finally, Germany meet Portugal, Ghana and USA, while
Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea make up Group
Next summer's tournament kicks off on June 12 in Sao
Paulo with hosts Brazil taking on Croatia in the opening
The group stage comes to an end on June 26, with the first
games of the round of 16 to take place only two days later
in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro.
The four quarter-finals will then be staged on July 4 and 5,
while the semi-finals take place on July 8 and 9 and the
2014 World Cup winners will be crowned on July 13 in Rio
de Janeiro.

Cossy Orjiakor Cry Out:10 Things Only Women With Big B00bs Can Understand

The controversial Nollywood actress cum singer, Cossy
Orjiakor, in this interview talked about the top 10 big Boobs
Problems she having...

Top 10 Big Bóob Problems:
1. Under-bóob sweat
2. Your brás being mistaken for áss-holders and/or hats
3. Budgeting to afford a brá that actually fits
4. Finding the right specialty brá shop with a correctly-
trained fitter you actually trust, or at the very least, just
finding a store that actually carries your size
5. Packing a larger suitcase just to fit your brás into
6. Figuring out ways to get your insurance to pay for a
bréast reduction
7. Demi-cup overspill
8. Shopping for clothes based on whether or not you
can wear a brá with them
9. Wondering if a guy is actually looking at you or only
interested in your chest
10. How not to look crazy while holding your boóbs to
avoid black eyes during a run

ABIA TRAGEDY: 7 Children Die, 15 Injured As Truck Rams Into Classroom

Abia State – Seven schoolchidren were killed today
as a truck driver lost control of his vehicle and
rammed into a classroom. The accident happened
at Ogbor Hill area of Aba, Abia state, in Glorious
International Academy located on 42 Opobo road.
Fifteen other pupils sustained various degrees of
The driver was on his way to Ovom waterside to
evacuate sand. The pupils were having their morning
devotion in a classroom when the incident occurred.
The pupils have concluded their examinations and
returned to the school to have their end-of-the-year
Police and operatives of Federal Road Safety Corps
inspected the scene of the tragic accident. There were
visible traces of blood on the floor of the classroom,
desks were broken.
Parents and relations who lost their children, and wards
were seen weeping uncontrollably while others were
making inquiries regarding the whereabouts of their

Advice Corner: I am Engaged But The Man I Really Love Is Back And Wants Me.

James is my first love, I am not his but I felt like it, he
was evidently in love with me and all over me at the
same time. We dated for approximately four years
before he vanished. I just didn't hear from him, his
mobile number never went through again, he had moved
and i didn't smell him for good two years. Before the
count of two years, I moved on, I met people, I made
new friends and an exceptional man; Gregory.
I started dating Gregory shortly after James disappeared
from my life. Gregory is the best man any woman could
ask for, my family likes him, we have the same religious
belief (unlike James, who after all still accepted me that
way), he is extremely caring and generous to me. Of
recent he established a business of over two million
naira for me and he proposed , due to the love and
gratitude I have for him, I accepted and we are both
looking forward to being together forever. He has started
his own wedding plans already!
Less than 48 hours ago, I got a call from an unknown
number and it was James. He told me he has been out of
the country and he's back to settle down with me. He
sounded just like the adorable man that was very much
in love with me. I asked him why he didn't reach out to
me for that long and he said my friend never gave him
my right mobile no.
I still love him, despite the hurt I felt when he vanished, I
don't know what to do. James has been my better-half
since I began to know what they call love, I never for
once thought we would do without each other, yes we
didn't see or hear from each other for over 20 months
but I feel miserable right now. I don't know what to do! If
I let go of James again, I doubt if I will ever be happy
and I won't forgive myself if I leave Gregory after all he
has done for me and my family!
Please I am loosing my mind! I need help! I need
opinions! I might just go crazy!

'Go And Die' Tee Shirt Inspired by Oshiomole Is Out!

This is the latest tee shirt in town and its gone Nigerians!
some people are still in the bank smiling after the ''my
oga at the top'' episode.