Sunday, 23 February 2014

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Lupita Nyongo and Her Mother at the BAFTA Awards

 Lupita Nyong'o looked absolutely amazing in her
emerald satin gown at the BAFTA Awards which
held yesterday in London. And who did she take
on the red carpet with her? Lupita's mother,
Dorothy Nyong'o, was her daughters date! And
isn't she so beautiful too?

Nigeria Listed Among Most Sexually Satisfied Countries - Men Last 24 Minutes

I asked how long sex should last, and got some
emails saying good sex can not just be about
how long it takes. True, good sex or sexual
satisfactioncan involves so many other
determinants. According to global research stats
from Durex, these drivers include, mutual love
and respect between partners; freedom from
stress; ability to orgasm; freedom from sexual
dysfunction; good mental and physical health;
and frequency of sex and foreplay. An exciting
sex life can also be impacted by one's socio-
economic status.
So to make sense of all the data from several
different studies, AlterNet formulated a list of
countries that consistently rate among the most
sexually satisfied, and Nigeria came in at #10
though the list was in no particular order. Here's
what they wrote about Nigeria, very sarcastic if
you ask me. See all the countries here...
Nigeria: According to Durex, Nigeria is rated
the number-one sexually satisfied nation in the
world with 67 percent of its population
claiming sexual gratification. Perhaps it has
something to do with the fact that Nigerians
also take the longest time having sex, at 24
minutes per average session. The stats come as
rather surprising given Nigeria’s conservative
views on same-sex marriages, having recently
banned these unions, and the prevalence of
Islamic extremism, which dominates the
country. Then again, Nigerian women have
also been ranked the most unfaithful in the
world with 62 percent having admitted
cheating on a partner. I digress.

WOW: Describe Tonto Dikeh's New PHOTOS In One Word

PHOTO: SEE The Actress That Says Men Just Want To Get Between Her Legs

Nollywood Actress, Biola Ige, says she has
realized that most men simply want to have sex
with her and move on.
The Osun state born actress while speaking
about her relationship status, she said, 'I am not
dating now. I have grown over the years and
realised that most men want to just get in-
between your legs.'
Biola who was reported to have suffered a
terrible growth of her thyroid gland that affected
her neck, tongue, complexion does not seem to
be in a rush for relationship said, 'I have chosen
to be on my own and remain focused. If the
right man comes and he is truly ready to date
and not just to have fun, I will have a rethink.'
Speaking on her ideal man. 'Is there even an
ideal man really? If I say this person is my ideal
man and the person does not like you, what will
you do?'

Toke Makinwa Disgraced On Air: Everything About You Is Fake

It seems a presenter with Rhythm 93.7 Lagos
has been laughing at Toke Makinwa's flat b00bs
secretly and he has also been waiting for her to
say anything that'll upset him so he can wash
her thoroughly. And his wish came to pass
recently as Toke couldn't control her mouth
when she and the guy were in the studio.
Toke told Nanya Diali to his face that his shirt is
fake, the guy got pissed off and blasted her:
"Everything about you from head to toe is
fake," he replied her. Toke Makinwa couldn't
believe her hears so she asked the guy to
explain himself. "What do you mean? Please
explain yourself," she insisted.
And the guy went on: "If you remove your
weaves, your fake eye lashes, your make-up,
the push up bra and especially your bleached
skin, people will run...
"In fact, Toke Makinwa, you have no single
natural beauty, you are totally fake", he added.
I hear the statement hit Toke so hard that she
couldn't even say any word to the guy but keep
shut in studio.