Monday, 18 November 2013

Peter Okoye Talks about His wife on twitter...

Celebrities unite for peace

More than 30 Nigerian celebrities from Nollywood, sports and the entertainment industry will soon undertake a nationwide tour to preach peace and unity across the country.
They said this would be part of their collective effort at spreading the message of peace in the minds of Nigerians, especially the youths on the need to leave in peace.
The group, operating under the aegis of Voice of Change Foundation of Nigeria (VCFN), an NGO, the celebrities comprise people like Emeka Ike, Genevieve Nnaji, Coach Stephen Keshi, Celestine Babayaro and Omotola Ekehinde.
A statement issued on Sunday in Abuja and signed by the group National Public Relations Officer, Mr Steph Nora-Okere, said that this became necessary due to the present challenges and threats to peaceful coexistence.
The statement said that the programme, which will commence before the end of the year, would cover six geopolitical zones, preaching the message of peace.
"We decided to come together to preach the gospel of peace as it has become more necessary now than ever before.
"Every great country has passed through its moment of political, economic and religious tensions and had survived.
"The troubles our Nigeria is going through now with ethnic violence, militancy, the unrest in the North and the threat of disintegration, requires that things be quickly put in their right perspective.
"As celebrities and stakeholders, we have a lot to contribute to the peace building effort of government at all levels.
"This movement is not aligned to any party or individuals but we are committed to bringing our talents and leverage to help the country through this difficult moment."

Super Eagles in UK for their Friendly Match with Italy..

Cossy Orjiakor: Why I Am Not Married

Nigerian's controversial drama queenCossy Orjiakor, has given the reason why she is not yet married nor be in any serious relationship.

The actress, singer and ‘boobster’ revealed that being in the entertainment industry has deprived heropportunity of getting married like her age mates.
Cossy who has been in the news recently for allegedly insuring her boobs, said she would probably have been married now but for her antics in the entertainment industry which has made men wary of her.
She confided in in a friend the other day that because of her large boobs, many people think she is old but that she only clocked 29.
The friend who does not want her name in print whispered:
Cossy is really disturbed with her single status. All the drama she goes about with her boobs is just a mechanism to make her happy but deep down, she is really missing something.
“She is a very playful person and she sees the things she does as nothing serious. But they have found a way to affect her.”

Ghanaians Disapproves Of Yvonne Nelson's Bikini Pictures

Yvonne Nelson may be Ghana’s hottest actress of the moment, but her country people are not finding it funny with the way she exposes her body in bikini pictures.

According to a Ghanaian entertainment site, she surely needs an upgrading of her bikini gear to enlighten her image, or at least, do something a bit more authentic, branded or designed.
The site says her fans are no longer comfortable with the ‘wacky’ bikinis she poses in and want her to change or else they will not show her the kind of love they have been showing her.
They said she should follow the example of some Nigerian actresses like Genevieve NnajiOmotolaJalade-Ekeinde and others who dress decently and are moderate in what they wear.

10 Cool Facts About The Pussy!

It's amazing how much misinformation is out there about the vagina. Given how fascinated our society is with the female body, you'd think we'd be a little more informed. But from what I discovered online many of us still have a lot to learn.

To help out, check out a few things you may not know about the awesome pussy ehmm female genitalia.

1. An Orgasm Is An Excellent Pain Reliever
Next time your girl gives you the excuse that she doesn’t want to have sex with you because she has a headache, you can tell her she’s full of it. An orgasm is an excellent pain reliever, and can work as well as over the counter medicines or even some pharmaceutical grade pain relievers. You just have to actually make sure you give her a great orgasm!

2. The Vagina Cleans Itself
A woman’s genitals are designed to clean itself – meaning, douching is completely unnecessary and can actually do more harm than good. After menstruation, it cleans itself out and continues to do so throughout a woman’s monthly cycle. It also will clean itself out after sex! This helps prevent yeast or bacterial infections. However, if more bacteria or yeast are introduced than the body can handle, an overgrowth can occur. This usually can be easily treated with over the counter creams or doctor prescribed antibiotics.

3. It’s Not All About The G-Spot
The g-spot gets all the credit for giving women amazing orgasms, but there is another spot – called the A-Spot – that can be just as effective at giving a woman an earth shattering climax. The A-Spot is located deeper within the canal than the g-spot (right in front of the cervix) and it can be stimulated using the same come hither motion with your fingers that you would use if you were stimulating the g-spot. Just remember that since you’re going very deep inside a woman, you need plenty of good lubrication like Astroglide, and you need her to be aroused first so it’s not painful or uncomfortable.

4. You Are What You Eat
healthy vagina has an odour, but it is usually not very pungent. A yeast orbacterial infection can make it smell more pungent, but a funky smelling peach doesn’t always mean an infection. Many of the things a woman eats will affect the way her genitals taste and smell. For example, eating lots of pineapple and sweet fruits will make it taste and smell sweeter (which can be great for oral sex), but vegetables such as cabbage or asparagus can give it a more off putting scent.

5. The Vagina Can Actually Fall Out!
Vaginal prolapse is when the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes or vagina (or a combination of all of these) moves downward from its natural place in the body. This condition is common following surgeries such as hysterectomies, but can also happen without any prior event. In severe cases, this medical condition will cause the inner tissues to protrude through the vaginal opening.

6. Female Ejaculation Does Exist
Women in addition to men can ejaculate varying amounts of fluid during orgasm. Many women are able to produce very large amounds of fluid! Some skeptics report that the ejaculate that comes from a woman isn’t actually ejaculate at all, but urine. However, science has found that the components of female ejaculate are separate from the components of urine are very different and while the fluid does come from the paraurethral ducts, it does not come from the bladder.

7. The Vagina Can Double In Length When A Woman Is Aroused
How long a vagina is varies from woman to woman. Some women have very small, short canals while others have very long ones. The average size in an unaroused woman is 8 – 10 centimetres long, but during arousal, this number can increase and may even double! So guys, make sure your lady is aroused before penetration, because you’ll go a lot deeper and she’ll be a lot more comfortable during sex.

8. Having Sex Can Keep The Vagina Young And Healthy
Like the rest of your muscles, the vagina needs to be used and exercised or it will become weak and brittle. During prolonged periods of abstinence, especially when a woman goes through menopause or reaches old age, the delicate tissues inside will thin and can begin to break down. Regular sex, however, will help keep a woman’s genitals in peak form.

9. Vaginal Secretions Contain A Component Found In Shark Livers
Upon microscopic examination of the ingredients found in female vaginal secretions, scientists have noted that these secretions contain a component actually found in shark livers. This is called squalene, and can also be found in vegetable oils. It can be used in cosmetics, because it is an excellent moisturiser that doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy! Squalene is most likely what makes natural secretions good for the health of the genitals, because it keeps the tissue moist and supple.

10. The Vaginal Muscles Are Extremely Powerful
All women have the ability to use their vaginal muscles also called the PC muscles during sex. These are also the same muscles a girl uses to stop the flow of urine, and they can be strengthened through exercises like Kegels. You might not think that these muscles would be very powerful, but they are! The world record holder for the strongest vagina is a Russian woman who was able to lift 14 kilograms with her vaginal muscles only!