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Mo Abudu's Ebonylife TV Bringing Desperate Housewives Home

Take it that more goodies are coming your way from EbonyLife TV (DSTV Channel 165). Already, as you read this, Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife TV has signed a co-production deal for the African version of Desperate Housewives scheduled to debut in mid-2014.
Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV said, “We are going to make it relevant, number one, by using local talent — talent that our viewers will know and love; two, we are going to work with local stylists, local fashion designers, local interior designers."
The original ABC TV series — Desperate Housewives — followed the lives of a group of women as seen through the eyes of a dead neighbour who committed suicide in the very first episode. The storyline covers thirteen years of the women's lives over eight seasons as they worked through domestic struggles and family life, while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their - at the surface - beautiful and seemingly perfect neighbourhood.

Ben Pyne, President of global distribution at Disney, revealed at the recently concluded MIPCOM 2013 that the African version of the comedy/drama series created by Marc Cherry, and broadcast by ABC from 2004 until 2012 - is currently in development, for a summer 2014 debut.

The co-production deal with EbonyLife TV will feature an African cast, set in Lagos, Nigeria, where it will also be shot, airing in 44 countries within the African continent. The highly popular series gathered a huge following in Nigeria as well over the years.
Keep enjoying EbonyLife TV on DSTV channel 165 and watch out for the Desperate Housewives!

HOT DAMN!!Lady Gaga Zooms In On Her Bum Bum For “Do What U Want” Cover Art (PHOTOS)

We knew Lady Gaga was bold and bootylicious but she took it to new levels with the release of the cover art for her new single “Do What You Want.”
The Monster momma bares her butt in a thong, while her wavy blonde hair falls down her back and now that we think about the title, the sexy cover does make sense for the track that features R. Kelly.
The song will appear on her upcoming album ARTPOP and is set to hit iTunes on Monday at 12:01 a.m. and she’s already teased a snippet in a commercial for Beats Studio headphones.
The blonde pop star sings “Do what you want, what you want with my body,” while R&B legend R. Kelly sings “Takin’ these haters and we roughin’ ‘em up and we lay in the cut like we don’t give a…”
All the monsters of the world can rejoice as a new ARTPOP track will be released each Monday leading up to the release of the album on Nov. 11

My BF's Wife Is My New Boss, Should I Be Worried?

From LIB ---> I took a job recently and realized my immediate boss is my married boyfriend's wife. I've had confrontations with this lady in the past, so imagine my shock at finding out she's my new boss.
But the weirdest part of this is, since I joined the company, she has never acted like we know each other from the past. I'm worried. 

So my question is this; should I also act like all is well and pretend like I don't know this woman, or should I just move on, leave the company and find work elsewhere? 

As for the man we both share, I don't see us ever breaking up. And where I work is a place anyone would even wish to be hired as a contract staff. Please advice!!

Foods for bigger breasts and butts

The natural size of your hips and breasts are determined by several factors–genetics, diet and exercise.
If you are an ectomorph with a thin, angular frame with few curves, you might be able to alter your diet to slightly increase your curviness. You also might consider estrogenic Chinese herbs that may stimulate estrogen production, resulting in more curviness. Do not take any herbs without seeking the advice of a medical professional.

Balanced Diet

The Department of Agriculture designed a nutritional matrix called, “My Food Pyramid” that outlines dietary guidelines for healthy adults. It recommends eating a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy foods, nuts and nonsaturated fats. Lean proteins such as low-mercury fish, eggs, nuts and lean cuts of beef and poultry will help fill out your form. Low-fat dairy such as yogurt, kefir and milk also provide high-quality protein that can build curves.


Add nonsaturated fats to every meal and snack. Nonsaturated fats include olive, canola, flax seed, hemp seed and safflower oil. Nonsaturated fats are found in all types of nuts–almonds, walnuts, macadamia, cashews, and pine nuts. Walnuts have as much as 20 grams of fat per one-quarter cup and of that amount, only two grams are saturated, making them an excellent food to increase hip and bosom size.

Chinese Herbs

Some traditional Chinese herbs might help round out a flat figure by stimulating estrogen production, which builds curves. Commonly used estrogenic herbs include licorice root, dong quai and vitex extract. These are available through licensed acupuncturists or doctors of Chinese medicine who are trained to assess if such estrogenic herbs are appropriate for you. Do not self-prescribe; consult the appropriate medical professional.

Snoop Lion Now Snoop Zillla!

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. changes his name again... First it was Snoop Doggy Dogg, then Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, and now Snoopzilla.

Less than a year after renaming himself Snoop Lion, the rapper says he changed his moniker to reflect his new musical direction with funk project 7 Days Of Funk. 
Snoop has formed a collective with Dâm-Funk and the pair are releasing their debut album on 
December 10. 

The newly-christened Snoopzilla said of the new band:
"We're the babies of the Mothership. I've had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dâm-Funk is cold. He's keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him."
Snoop has been known to invest himself fully in his transformations, converting to Rastafarianism for his reggae album, 'Reincarnated', under the name Snoop Lion. 
The star's new identity pays tribute to legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins, who was known as Bootzilla, and Snoop is said to be a taking well to the new genre.

O'bella Hair!!!!!! Home of premium

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 see more photo after the cut.

SAD – Woman Dies During Her Honeymoon

  • Shannon Amy Guy, from Ottawa, Ontario, was killed when the balcony of her suite in Mexico had collapsed. She was on her honeymoon with husband Paul Guy, right, who was injured during the accident. (Facebook)
An Ottawa-area woman and mother of two young children is dead after she fell when a glass panel on a balcony railing collapsed at a Mexican hotel as her husband was taking photos during their honeymoon.
Shannon Amy Guy, from Carleton Place, Ont., near Ottawa, was married to Paul Guy on Aug. 2. They travelled to Tulum, Mexico, on Tuesday and were staying at the Oasis Tulum resort south of Cancun.
Paul Guy was taking photographs of his wife and another Canadian couple they had met at the resort when part of the balcony of the honeymoon suite they were leaning on collapsed, said Paul Guy’s mother, Darlene Guy.
All four fell to the ground. Shannon Amy Guy was killed, and her husband and the couple they had met were injured.
They had been transferred into the honeymoon suite, a friend told CBC News.
Darlene Guy said the couple had been living together for years before they married. Their two daughters are seven months old and three years old.
“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Darlene Guy said. “I can’t believe that they’re not going to see their mom. We still have to tell them. We haven’t told them.”

Darlene Guy said her son, who called from an intensive-care unit in Tulum to deliver the news two days ago, is distraught.
“He just kept saying, ’I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ He feels sorry because it wasn’t him,” his mother said. “… He’s crying so much that we can’t make anything out.”
Shannon Amy Guy had been on maternity leave. She studied community and justice services at Algonquin College in Ottawa and went to high school in Carleton Place.
“She was a beautiful girl,” Darlene Guy said. “She was kind, she was considerate, she was very very close to me and my husband. She was here twice a week and we’d see them so often. We’d take the kids.
“She was a happy person. She was always smiling.”
In an emailed statement, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development said, “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the Canadian who passed away and the 2 other Canadians who were injured.
“Canadian consular officials in Mexico are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and are providing consular assistance to those affected,” the spokesman said.

“My Mother Slept With My Fiance”


black woman crying STORY: “My Mother Slept With My Fiance”

I am 25 years of age and still live with my parents at home. I won’t describe my parents’ marriage as ideal as my father is forever accusing my mother of having extra marital affairs.
 Sincerely, he isn’t off the target as my mother specialises in dating younger men.
Severally my father has had to send some young men away from our premises, who come asking to be employed as drivers. Since I spent the better part of my life away from home: entered into boarding school from JSS 1, beyond what I experience during the holidays and the complaints of my younger ones, I can’t say categorically that I know my mother very well.
All I know is that she is very fashionable and beautiful as well as a socialite. Unlike my father who is more into his children and home, my mother doesn’t care much about us.
We have all come to accept her for whom she is and the times I am at home or when my father comes to visit me in school. I always tell him not to bother too much about my mother. I often tell him that after 26 years as a couple he should be used to her ways by now.
It is an open secret that my father is the one keeping the marriage; my mother doesn’t care one bit about it. As a child, can’t recall when she went to the kitchen to cook, I don’t even know what the taste of her food is like. She is that bad.
Although I have always known my mother’s weakness for young virile men, not once did it occur to me that my mother is capable of sleeping with my own boyfriend.
About three months ago, I brought my fiancé home to meet my parents. He finished before me and travelled to England to further his studies. He came back about four months ago to ask for my hand in marriage. Since his parents were familiar with me, I brought him home to inform my parents of our intentions to spend the rest of our lives together. My father has also met him while he was still in school.
My mother was at home on the day he came. We all agreed on the day his parents would come to meet mine. Three weeks after, they came for formal introduction and to agree on a date for the introduction and wedding.
It was during the period of our wedding planning that I ran into my mother and fiancé coming out of a hotel close to the house of the caterer I contracted for the wedding.
While I was still trying to fathom what both of them could be doing in that place, my mother oblivious of who might be looking gave him a quick peck on his lips before zooming off in her car.
I didn’t need to be told what they had gone to do in the hotel. My boyfriend didn’t know what to say when I called out his name. Right there and then he confessed and started begging for my forgiveness. He claimed not to know how it all happened; that all he remembers is my mother inviting him over for discussions concerning the wedding plans.
I am pained and so confused. Our wedding is on December 18. I want to end it all. There is no way I can go ahead with a wedding to the man who has slept with my mother. The worst thing is my mother’s attitude. Even when I confronted her with what she had done, her attitude was ‘so what!’
My boyfriend and his best man have been pleading with me. My chief bridesmaid who has been my friend since our childhood is of the opinion that my mother must have charmed my boyfriend and that the best way to deal with her is to forgive my boyfriend and go ahead with the marriage.
I am so confused. I haven’t told my father anything since I don’t want to hurt him more than she has hurt him all these years. Please tell me what to do. He is the only man I have ever fallen in love with in all my life. We have been together for five years and not once has he cheated on me. Even he was away, he kept calling me religiously everyday for the 18 months he was abroad. Once he sent money down for me to visit him. He has been that dedicated to me. He is still insisting he doesn’t know how he ended up in the hotel with my

IT IS OVER !!!!BBA lovers Beverly Osu & Angelo Collins calls it quit. (see tweets)

It seems these two Big Brother Africa’s lovebirds have called it quit with their so talked about romance as they both took to twitter to tweet about their hurts and life struggles. Beverly tweeted “Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts you, just be strong and fight through it…” and some hours later, Angelo also tweeted “Love me for who i am..not who/what u want me to be…” He didn’t stop there, he tweeted some more before rounding up with “What needs to be done…needs to be done…#DONE!!!”
I can’t believe they are done….infact, they better not be done….after all the BBA $ex live shows they gifted Africans. :-)
See their tweets after the cut:

I Was Labelled A ‘Rejected And Dejected’ Artiste. – KCee

Nigerian Hip-hop artiste, KCee, is one of the artistes waves at the moment but the Limpopo master will not forget how he was seen and in fact, labelled a ‘rejected and dejected’ artiste.
“God, the industry, and my fans suddenly made me a super attraction of the industry. Every single I drop got me more fans, made me more loved, and ranked me a level higher than where the last track stopped. It’s simply amazing.” KCee said.
The limpopo man, KCee is also set to launch his debut album without delay.
“It’s amazing how things have turned out so sweetly and successfully for me, my brand, and my budding record label. Releasing a debut album is definitely a major career milestone.”
I knew a bit though and can’t wait to grab a copy of KCee album



What did the caption say?  Pastor’s wife?  OMG, Ghana, what happened?  Now people are just going ballistic with married women?
What would you do as a married man if you catch your wife in an uncompromising position with another man in a club, beach or any other place?   What would you do if you are church minister?  We know you are scratching your head over thinking of what you would instantly do?  What about what if the perpetrator is a Hiplife musician and for this matter a Star?
 The lady was caught with Ghana’s only controversial Hiplife Star A PLUS. Yes, A PLUS of all people, But dont go away yet and start condemning him. When the lady ( name withheld) was confronted about why she was doing that, her reply was ” Is a musician not a human being?”…”Would you allow your sister to be with a man who has time only for his church members and not the wife?”…”Is a Musician who has number of stores and business ventures in hard wares and construction materials useless?”…
How would you react to all these responses from a married woman if you are the Pastor or a brother to the Pastor when in our country, infidelity is not accommodated at all? Well, the lady received some dirty slaps and the Pastor left her……Can you believe this course of reaction by a man of God?
Calm down Dear reader, this is a scene from the forthcoming comedy movie series titled “THE ADVENTURES OF A PLUS”. It is a must watch movie with a lot of social change commentaries for all to learn from.
When the Prekese Ghanamedia interviewed A PLUS, he assured us that the series would be out soon and Ghanaians should be ready to laugh their lungs out. A PLUS is for real. Watch out for him.

Nicki Minaj Unveils All Pink Lamborghini Aventador

After purchasing a metallic-blue Lamborghini Aventador Roadster some weeks back, rapper Nicki Minaj had some work done on it, and car-lovers are totally appalled at the outcome.

Nicki debuted the new all-pink car at the launch of her K-Mart fashion line.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Hit Up Sex-Themed Club!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner hit the club last night only they weren't old enough to legally enter.
TMZ reports that the 16- and 17-year-old sisters were spotted heading into Vignette lounge in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, where one must be 21 and older to gain admittance.
And it wasn't just any club the young reality stars hit up. On Tuesdays, Vignette pulls out all the stops for something called Wax Rabbit (a new, voyeuristic, hip hop and nudity nightclub experience.)
When TMZ spoke to the club's manager, he claimed that the girls had IDs that said they were 21 and he didn't recognize them for the famous teenagers they actually are.
When photographers snapped pics of the Jenner sisters inside a car outside the club they looked awfully "tired."
And on their way out, the girls were shielded by blankets.

BBA Dillish and Maria hosted by Gov Adams Oshiomhole in Benin

This is a LIB exclusive and it is authentic. BBA winner Dillish Matthews and her Namibian best friend who also contested in BBA Maria Nepembe (pictured above) are currently in Nigeria. They came in quietly into the country a few days ago and went straight to Benin were they were hosted by Governor Adams Oshiomhole. You will recall that while in the BBA house, Dillish used to call on Gov Oshiomhole and other Nigerian rich men like Dangote to bless her with money and change her life. Well, God changed her life by making her the winner of the 2013 Big Brother Africa competition and Governor Oshiomhole, I hear, made her richer after her courtesy visit. :-)

BBA contestants Elikem and Selly are also in town. Dillish and Maria are currently in Abuja for another Selly's birthday party which will hold today October 19th at Sofa Lounge.

RCCG'S Night of Worship holds 15th November in Lagos

Joshuaville, of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has announced the 5th edition of Night of Worship, the annual gathering where people from various ethnicities and denominations gather for an all-night worship encounter. The 2013 edition holds on Friday, 15 November and is headlined by award-winning artists Byron Cage, Shana Wilson and Sonnie Badu. Continue...

"In the book of 1Chronicles 29:11 is one powerful prayer by King David: “Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendour, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted over all," said a representative of the church. "This prayer tries to explain in different words a God you cannot possible describe! These words will be on everyone’s lips come November 15 as hundreds come together and worship."

Date: Friday, 15 November
Time: 10pm till dawn
Venue: Havilah Open Ground, opposite the The Incubator, CoD church road, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Other ministers at the event include BeeJay Sax, Nathan Flo Akiremi, The Voices in Zion, The Sounds of Heaven and The Psalmists.

Attendance is free and open to all via registration on

 This year’s edition is the fifth in the series of the Night of Worship program hosted by Joshuaville in November every year. Joshuaville is the Young Professionals arm of City of David, RCCG. Their vision is to raise influential leaders who will fulfill the purpose of God’s calling on
their lives. Joshua Ville was inaugurated on the 10 January, 2010 by
Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer.

For more information, visit  Twitter enthusiasts can join in conversations surrounding the event via #NOW2013. Enquiries may also be sent to

Wealthy Serbian Bachelor Splashes Photos Of His Mansion Online To Attract Ladies For Marriage

Don Milisav Juan Gonzales Brzi is a wealthy Serbian bachelor who lives in Russia. Photos of him posing in his luxurious mansion have been circulating on various dating websites and have gone viral.
He hopes that his wealth will help him attract a much younger lady between 16-20 for a relationship that would lead to marriage. In his profile on one of the dating sites, he says;
"To all unmarried ones who would like to spend their life by my side and within all the beauties of my home, please look below at all the magic of my home that I have decorated with taste, perhaps just for YOU." 
See more pics below.

Rita Dominic and Fade Ogunro's outfit to Maybelline launch in Lagos

Actress Rita Dominic, and radio personality Fade Ogunro's outfit to the Maybelline Lagos launch which took place yesterday at The Wheatbaker hotel in Ikoyi. Best dressed goes to...?

The Woman In Mr Ibu!

This pic of Nollywood Actor Mr Ibu was taken on a movie set. lol!!!

Uche Jombo sizzles in new photos

Actress and movie producer Uche Jombo Rodriguez looking like a million bucks in these new photos
More photos when you continue...