Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pope Francis Calls For Love and No Condemnation For Divorced Couples

Pope Francis has said today that couples
whose marriages have failed should be
"accompanied" and not "condemned". He
said this while responding to queries on his
views on divorce and how the Roman Catholic
church should treat divorced couples. Today,
during the daily mass he holds in the Vatican, he
said specifically on the subject of divorced
"When love fails, and it fails many times, we
have to feel the pain of that failure, accompany
the people who have felt the failure of their
love. Don't condemn them! Walk with them!
We have to be so close to the brothers and
sisters who have suffered the failure of love in
their lives."
Pope Francis had on his assumption of office,
promised to put the Church in touch with
modern life in a way that will draw people closer
to God. Since last year, there has been a fierce
debate on whether divorced couples should be
allowed to take Holy Communion. While he
cannot on his own pass church doctrine, nor can
this sermon on a pulpit be the final word on the
matter, I think his heart is definitely in the right
place. God is love, and a lot of us forget that

Ronaldo's girlfriend poses nude with R.Kelly in raunchy shoot for V magazine

The 47 year old singer and the 28 year old top
model get hot and heavy in steamy shoot for the
latest issue of V magazine. In one photo, Irina
Shayk, who is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's
longtime girlfriend, posed completely naked
with her back to the camera while tenderly
holding on to R.Kelly. Ronaldo come get your
woman. I don't trust this R.Kelly