Monday, 6 January 2014

15 ways to get happy in 10 minutes

1. Smile
Even when you are going through the roughest
phase of your life always try to smile. Research
says that even an artificial smile gives us an
inner boost and impacts others. It also makes
one seem more approachable
2. Meditate
Meditation generates positivity. Only five
minutes of meditation will improve your
emotional and physical well-being. Also, one
becomes happy simply by staying connected to
one’s real self.
3. Play with your pet
Cuddling or playing with a pet, not only makes
you feel happy, but also has several health
benefits. Research says that being around a pet
reduces blood pressure and calms you down.
When pets are not given proper attention they
feel lonely and left out, so spending time with
our pets could help in building a good
relationship with them.
4. Listen to Music
When you feel low, play your favourite music, as
it is an instant mood-lifter. Also, try and sing
along to your favourite track as this will also
instantly improve your mood.
5. Dress Up
Dressing up makes one feel good about
oneself. All you need is a well fitting outfit and a
little bit of make up to boost your confidence
and happiness levels.
6. Watch Funny Videos
Watching funny videos, is the perfect way to
boost one’s confidence levels and improve one’s
mood. Funny videos also make one laugh and
boost one’s immune system and heart rate.
7. Eat some chocolates
Chocolates are known as antidepressants as they
contain theobromine, which can increase the
effects of the tryptophan, a chemical, which can
make you happy. So if you are feeling low, eat a
piece of your favourite chocolate.
8. Get Close to Nature
Flowers trigger happy emotions, which affect
one’s behaviour in a positive manner. They also
have a long term effect on one’s mood and give
one immense pleasure and a feeling of
9. Chew Gum
Chewing gum not only gives you a boost, but
also helps your brain by supplying it with more
oxygen and glucose. This is because the
repetition of the gnawing action relaxes you and
also reduces yourstress levels and anxiousness.
10. Go for a walk
When you feel depressed you could go for a
walk. Try to look out for a place which is quiet
and peaceful. As this would help you filter out
your thoughts and seek a solution. Walking also
releases neurons in your brain, which will give
you joy and happiness. It will also loosen up
your body and help you deal with the sadness.
11. Reach out to a loved one
Always try and discuss your feelings and
thoughts with your loved ones as this will help
you deal with the sorrow and get a perspective
on things.
12. Dance
Dancing is a good way to deal with stress and
unhappiness. It also helps in building your
confidence and reduces your stress levels.
13. Clean out your Closet
Another way to relax is to clean out your closet
as this will not only help you get rid of all the old
stuff, but will clear your mind as well.
14. Play an instrument
Strum the strings of a guitar and compose a new
tune. This is a good way to express your feelings
and will improve your mood and boost your
happiness levels.
15. Read a comic
Reading your favourite comic will boost your
mood and put you in a happy place.

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