Friday, 6 December 2013

Cossy Orjiakor Cry Out:10 Things Only Women With Big B00bs Can Understand

The controversial Nollywood actress cum singer, Cossy
Orjiakor, in this interview talked about the top 10 big Boobs
Problems she having...

Top 10 Big Bóob Problems:
1. Under-bóob sweat
2. Your brás being mistaken for áss-holders and/or hats
3. Budgeting to afford a brá that actually fits
4. Finding the right specialty brá shop with a correctly-
trained fitter you actually trust, or at the very least, just
finding a store that actually carries your size
5. Packing a larger suitcase just to fit your brás into
6. Figuring out ways to get your insurance to pay for a
bréast reduction
7. Demi-cup overspill
8. Shopping for clothes based on whether or not you
can wear a brá with them
9. Wondering if a guy is actually looking at you or only
interested in your chest
10. How not to look crazy while holding your boóbs to
avoid black eyes during a run


  1. Funny enough...Mc Angel gabriel @Angelgabe17

  2. Girls wit big Boobs dy suffer Ooo.