Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rihanna Honored With An Icon Award

 Bajan beauty Rihanna was last night honored with the maiden Icon Award at the 2013 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. The pop star received the pyramid-glass-shaped trophy from her own mother, Monica on stage.

In her moving speech, Rihanna’s mother [Monica] repeatedly told the crowd how proud she was for her daughter and her successful rise in the music industry, “Rihanna I know the journey in your career has not always been an easy one, but tonight I applaud and admire you for being so strong,” Monicasaid, “you have remained so positive, so humble and so focus” she added, “I’m so proud to be part of this. I am so so proud of you” she ended.
After accepting her trophy, a humble Riri thanked her fans and her team and exclaimed, “I can’t believe that at 25 years old, I’m holding the Icon Award!”
Maybe we can’t either! Congrats, Rihanna!

Lady Gaga Rides A Horse To 2013 America Music Awards

 Lady Gaga is the pop queen and the drama queen and holds the records for the most bizarre red carpet appearance everrrrr. 
Gaga made sure to top her game on Sunday at the just ended America Music Awards in Los Angeles by riding on a white puppet horse animated by two strong men.
The singer definitely ditched her 2011 Grammy egg hut to shine as Lady Godiva, the woman who famously rode naked through the UK city of Coventry in medieval times. Thank God she had her clothes on and who other than Versace to design a fabulous slinky purple flowing gown for the star?Gaga couldn’t stop smiling as she made her entrance with typical aplomb.
 Reports say she rode through downtown LA to the venue and was blowing kisses to hundreds of fans as she took her ride.
According to E_Online, Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, was looking happy and relaxed hours before taking the stage to perform her latest single Do What U Want alongside R Kelly. ‘I was working very hard for it and I was working for a very long time to make it memorable,’ she told E! about the performance . All eyes were on the eccentric singer as she rode into the show
Lady Gaga managed to gracefully dismount with the help of a well built male assistant in an all white ensemble. How about that for the Queen of Dramatics?
Good or Bad?

Ladies, 13 Reasons To Date a Nerd.

Who is a Nerd?
He is an eccentric, overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired guy who may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, obscure, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities.
Despite being socially awkward, their extraordinary attitudes are somewhat of a rare find, which is a good thing as these attitudes have lead to some of the biggest tech-news-making events of this century.
 For those who watch The Big Bang Theory, we can’t help but love Raj, Sheldon, Lenard and Howard, especially when it comes to how they treat them women in their lives.
Here are some reasons to consider dating a nerd.
1. They are tech savvy: Dating a nerd is the end to all your tech related problems, issue with your laptop, he’ll fix it. Need advice on what new phone to buy, he’ll recommend a great one.
2. They have a wild side: Nerds are eggheads, but they are sexual beings too. Truth is, if they are really into it, they have a wild side, so exploit it for both your sakes; they.
3. They are more sensitive and receptive to your feelings: Being a social minority, they know what it’s like to be teased and have a bad day, so they’ll most likely be more sympathetic to your feelings.
4. They are smart: Nerds are intelligent despite their other features; No one wants to date a guy who’s handsome yet not very bright.
5. More passionate: They are more passionate, just the way they are passionate and dedicated to whatever it is that they love, they will accord you the same level of passion if they are proper into you or even more.
6. Available: There actually are a lot of nerds out there because they aren’t the type of most ladies. Ladies want hunky guys with abs and great hair, which isn’t bad but nerds make great boyfriends too.
7. Successful :The nerds ruling the world now are Mark Zuckeberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs having a great body doesn’t get you everywhere, brains does.
8. You can be weird together: They are VERY aware of their social awkwardness and idiosyncrasies, so don’t feel the need to be shy or self-conscious. You can be weird together.
9. Don’t play games: Nerds are logical, straightforward and don’t particularly have hot ladies running after them, so when they are in it, they are in.The chances they are playing games with you is rather low. Their level of loyalty to their object of desire is extraordinary.
10. Problem solvers: Being perfectionists nerds won’t stop till the problem is fixed, whatever it is. So in your relationship, if something is up, he’s going to do his best to fix it.
11. Pay attention to details: Being dedicated to whatever it is their point of interest is, nerd pay attention to detail. So if you got a new hair cut, a manicure, or a strand of hair on your head is out of place he will notice, and that is a good thing.
12. Resourceful: If you ever need help nerds are the go-to-people, they will do what they can to make it work, they will provide solutions for you.
13. Romantic: They will think of unconventional ways to show you that they care about you, even if it’s building a website for you or form some mathematical equation to describe the intensity of your importance to them.

Uti Calls Toke Makinwa The New Party Queen

Come on Uti, that wasn’t right, lol. Uti didn’t actually call her a party queen, but admitted that, he used to attend a lot of parties before Toke took over. Here is what he said yesterday at the ELOY awards which he hosted.

Everybody is beefing you Toke. Why? You see, before Toke came on the scene, I was the most beefed celebrity for attending so many events, but now, whenever I go to event these days, I pray to God that Toke attends too, so I won’t be insulted alone…since she came around, the hate on me has lessened because finally there is someone who attends more events than me, Uti said.

But Toke thinks life is too short to bother about what people think about you.  She says fear God and be good to your fellow man. But seriously, I don't think Toke has done anything wrong by attending events. See her tweet after the cut.

Adetoun Releases Promotional Pictures For New Single

 2nd runner up at MTN Project Fame 5 and versatile performer, Adetoun has released promotional picturesfor her new single titled Omo Naaa, meaning That Child. Adetoun is also a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University. See more pictures after the cut.

Check out US rapper Wale finally in Nigeria

The US/Nigerian rapper came in to Nigeria today for a show on Saturday see more pix below.