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Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson


Mercy Johnson, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and Clarion Chukwurah, star in an upcoming movie, titled Hustlers, which was directed by Elvis Chucks. Also in the movie are Foluke Daramola, Chelsea Eze, IK Ogbonna, and Paul Sambo. The movie is scheduled to be released in November.

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 at 8.30.25 PM Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson

Hustlers 1 Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson

Photo of the day cossy not again?

Lol. This Cossy eh...but how does she manage to show off so much of her boobs without the nipples showing? Pic taken at Elegushi beach last Sunday...with Denrele and Bassey from BBA The Chase.

Vector acquires MAZDA CX9 SUV

Months after falling out out with his record label and returning the official car they gave him, one of Naija's hottest rappers Vector has picked up a new ride. Vector this week acquired a MAZDA CX9 SUV said to be worth about $45,000. Big congrats to him.

Olamide & Koga Entertainment give back with free October concert

Rapper, Durosoke hit-maker and rave of the moment; Olamideis set to perform at a free concert this month. This event is powered by Koga Entertainment; the guys behind the Top 10 Mics franchise. Officially tagged “ONE NIGHT STAND” this live music showcase will also feature performances by Jaywon, Eva Alordiah, Ketchup and Phenom.

Rounding out the performance list is Timix, AT, Splash and fuji sensation Q.Dot. This free concert will take place on Saturday, October 26 at Koga Studios, which is located at No. 2 Bolaji Street, off KudiratAbiola way, Oregun, AlausaIkeja, Lagos. 

For details on how to get a free invite to this concert, see @ZebraStripesng on Twitter.

Why do ladies keep doing this all in the name of fashion? (SEE PHOTOS)

See pics after the cut:

MOVE OVER NICKI MINAJ, Nigerian Actress Afrocandy Releases Her Owen Topless Photos

Nicki Minaj topless photo: Afrocandy says no big deal, shares her own
However, Nigerian porn actress Afrocandy has followed suit saying “Nicki Minaj bares her boobs in new photo? Na Today? I’ve been there done that, and mine is all natural, no Surgery, no Silicon, they all mine and if you wanna see them without the Stars, go get a copy of my New Movie Destructive Instinct and enjoy your eyes…so it’s not a biggy ok !!”
Nicki Minaj topless photo: Afrocandy says no big deal, shares her own
Nicki Minaj topless photo: Afrocandy says no big deal, shares her own

Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson


Mercy Johnson, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and Clarion Chukwurah, star in an upcoming movie, titled Hustlers, which was directed by Elvis Chucks. Also in the movie are Foluke Daramola, Chelsea Eze, IK Ogbonna, and Paul Sambo. The movie is scheduled to be released in November.

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 at 8.30.25 PM Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson

Hustlers 1 Pictures From Nollywood’s ‘Hustlers’ – Starring Mercy Johnson

Tiwa Savage slams editors of TW Magazine on twitter

I swear I love this my amebo So Tiwa just slammed the editors of TW magazine - which she is currently featured on the cover. It must be something they wrote about her music that made her mad..

We will thrill Nigerians at Glo Laffta Fest - American comedians

Popular American comedians, Tony Roberts and Deeray Davies, have promised Glo subscribers who will attend today’s Glo Laffta Fest show an exciting evening of fun and laughter.

The comedians who arrived in Lagos on Thursday evening for the biggest comedy show tagged Invasion L.O.L. said they would give the audience a different kind of comedy from what they were used to. Continue...


Asked by reporters what Nigerians should expect from him, Roberts who had a big smile plastered on his face declared, “Non-stop comedy. I'm very unpredictable, so I don’t know what I'm going to say. If you're in front of me, I might talk about you. I don't want to offend anybody, but you never know. You've got the best right here with you!

Roberts continued, “Every country we go to, we do our research. We try to read the mindset of the people, because what's funny to people back in the United States might not appeal to the audience here, so we just have to get ready, and make sure we operate on the same wavelength as the people here.”

On his part, Davies said, "I just want to have a good time and bring my own brand of comedy to a whole new place. Many may have watched me on TV, but they’ve never seen me perform live. It's going to be spectacular. It's going to be a different vibe coming from me on that stage. I just want to create a stress-free environment and make the audience have a good time.”

Anxious to work with some of Nigeria’s biggest comedy talents, Davies stated, “I want to see more so I can take in the culture, and learn as much about their comedy as I possibly can. I don’t want this to be my last trip; I want Nigerians to be so used to me that they’ll keep having me over, and not just for big events alone.

The duo will be performing with some of Nigeria’s biggest stars including Alli Baba, Basketmouth, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu and Gordons. 

On their expectations on working with their Nigerian counterparts, Roberts said, “Actually, it's weird because they're more used to this environment than we are. They know the local stuff, so they can say things that we don't know about. They have the upper hand on us, but all the same, we're super funny, and you're going to find out! We're going to get along with them and work as a team.”
The show which is packaged by national operator, Globacom, is scheduled for 6.00 p.m., Saturday, October 19th, at Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Pics from comedian & OAP Ushbebe's traditional wedding in Benin

Comedian and On-air-personality Ushbebe tied the knot with his love Annette Agbontaen in Benin City, Edo state today October 18th. Big congrats to them...

Check out actress Mary Uranta's beautiful new photos

Mary Uranta was recently made the face of Port Harcourt based RedKarpet photography who shot the photos. See more photos after the cut...

Afrocandy compares her boobs to Nicki Minaj's.

The soft porn actress posted this pic of herself and Nicki Minaj side by side on her Facebook page and wrote...

Nicki Minaj bares her boobs in new photo? Na Today? I been there done that and mine are all natural, no Surgery, no Silicon, they all mine and if you wanna see them without the Stars, go get a copy of my New Movie Destructive Instinct and enjoy your it's not a biggy ok !!

3 Ways To Attract A Woman Without Speaking To Her


Standing Tall

Sounds a little silly and obvious right? Especially if you’re 5ft tall. But what I mean by this is standing with your shoulders back, head held high and back straight. In theory these three little things don’t sound like much at all, but I’m telling you by standing tall you will resonate confidence and start feeling a lot more sure of yourself.
Once I started doing this, I noticed myself not shying away from eye contact a lot more, strange right? But for some reason it works, it’s like you feel as though you can take on anyone. Don’t let this one slip, give it a go and remind yourself when you start to slouch.


Goodness me, I cannot tell you how incredibly attractive smiling is to a woman, let me ask you something. Have you ever been in a conversation with a woman and you noticed how beautiful her smile was? Like she was giving off this vibe? That’s how powerful smiling is and if you haven’t then you need to make yourself more aware of this.
The next time you’re walking towards a gorgeous woman, just do one thing… smile. Try and smile in a non creepy way, it needs to be in a cheeky kind of way that shows you are again confident but also willing to open conversation.
At first this will be hard, particularly in London, it took me a good few attempts before I could carry it off, but once you do it a few times you’ll start to get great responses from women, some will even open you – so make sure this is something you test at least ten times.

Eye Contact

If you take just one thing away from this article and use, please make it eye contact. I cannot stress enough how important strong, dominant and sexy eye contact is. You might be thinking, how the hell can I convey all those qualities just through my eyes?
Simple, when you’re looking into a woman’s eyes just say to yourself “how would a confident, strong minded and sexual guy be looking at this really attractive girl right now, to show that he’s not scared in the slightest?”. You should naturally start to get it and what I mean by that is… “the look”. Women will react differently in conversion and each word will feel more intense, sexual tension is built from this.
At a first glance though, you need to hold eye contact, make sure that when you lock each others gaze… you NEVER look away first. Spice things up to, when you’re looking over, throw in a little smile or a raised eyebrow, these will get a response from her without a doubt.
So there you have it the three most important things to attract women that I use on a daily basis once I set foot outside the front door. Although these are the basics, they REALLY do work – so try them, master them and play around with them.

“Condoms are good for the vagina” -A New Study

Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms may help good bacteria in the vagina flourish, a new study has found.
Sexually active women in the study who used condoms had larger colonies of beneficial microbes in their vaginas compared with women who used other forms of birth control, the researchers at Beijing Friendship Hospital found.
The scientists focused on lactobacillus, a group of bacteria that dominates the natural flora of the vagina for many women.
The microbes, which produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, help the vagina maintain an average pH of 4.5, comparable to the acidity of beer or tomato juice, the Huffington Post reported.
This “acidic buffer system,” as the researchers called it, is thought to block harmful bacteria from taking up residence and causing infections.
Though there may not be a “normal” microbiome for a healthy vagina, the presence of lactobacillus is thought to help prevent bacterial vaginosis, which is an imbalance of vaginal bacteria that causes itching, unusual discharge and unpleasant odor.
Beneficial bacteria have even been linked to a decreased risk of human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) infection.

Single Ladies, Comedian Saka Has A Message For You

Saka, the popular comedian, also has some thoughts for ladies who are very selective. See more below:
What shall it profit a lady to die as a virgin and still go to hell fire? Dear single ladies, please be guided. Lol!

N255m Car Scandal: Minister Stella Oduah Gets 72hrs To Resign

The heat is on. Nigeria’s most visible anti-corruption watchdog led by a former legislator, Hon. Dino Melaye, has given Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah 72 hours to resign from office.
The ultimatum follows revelations that she arm-twisted a cash-strapped agency, the NCAA, to purchase two armored BMW 760 Li cars for her at highly inflated prices.
OluFamous.Com gathered from a top source in Abuja that even President Goodluck Jonathan is shocked at Stella Oduah’s spending of N255m for just two cars but he can’t do anything due to some reasons.
Anyway, Dino Melaye said his group will embark on series of actions to force President Jonathan to fire the Mrs. Oduah as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as order her to return the $1.6 million to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, which was forced to buy the cars. Dino Melaye said the purchase of the vehicles was done in violation of the various rules and law guiding such high-level procurement by government officials, particularly the monetiazation policy of federal government.
First, Dino Melaye said he is heading to court next Tuesday to force the EFCC to prosecute the Minister.
On the cost of the vehicles, Melaye described them as “unconscionable,” recalling that the Speaker of House of Reps also purchased two Armored Mercedes Benz S-600 B7 grade armored cars a year ago for less than $800,000. He also disclosed that he had requested for quotations from Germany that show that the vehicles actually cost less than $200,000 each. Even then, he stressed, the Minister has no right to purchase the vehicles for her personal use in the first place.
Stella Oduah is the co-chair of President Jonathan’s main presidential campaign team, Neighbor-2-Neighbor hence she may not be sacked since Jonathan is known to romance corrupt people openly.

BBC World News insults Nigeria on twitter

Sorry about the Lol, it's not funny I know but I just couldn't resist. The 'unfinished capital' cracked me up. So BBC says Abuja was built on stolen land, stolen from who? Continue to read the pic's accompanying article

Written by

When one of Nigeria's long line of military rulers, General Olusegun Obasanjo, seized the land on which Abuja was to be built in the late 1970s, he could hardly have imagined that the city would remain unfinished 35 years on.
Abuja has a makeshift, haphazard feel to it: A place of bureaucrats and building sites, its streets eerily empty after the buzz of Lagos or the enterprising bustle of Kano.
It is one of the most expensive cities in Africa, and one of the most charmless.
The skyline is dominated by the space-rocket spires of the National Christian Centre and the golden dome of the National Mosque, facing each other pugnaciously across a busy highway at the city's centre.
Its other striking landmark is the vast construction site of the Millennium Tower, which, if it is ever completed, will be Nigeria's tallest building.

The skyscraper was intended to mark Abuja's 20th birthday in 2011. Now delayed until who-knows-when, hugely over-budget and the subject of numerous official investigations.

The National Mosque, Abuja  
 The National Mosque stands at the side of a busy road in the city centre
All the people of Abuja have to show for the billions invested in the project are two stunted fingers of scaffold-clad concrete.
I had been in Abuja for three days - about two-and-a-half too many - when my friend, Atta, a sociologist, picked me up from my hotel.
We drove out towards Aso Rock, the monolith looming over the presidential palace.
On either side of the road there are complexes of bulky, imposing mansions, most of them unfinished.
Some had empty swimming pools; others had mock-Tudor timbering, but were windowless and often roofless.
Atta told me that 65% of the houses in these developments were uninhabited, put up only to launder Abuja's dirty money.
Like the Millennium Tower, these grandiose schemes are ruins before they are completed, bleak monuments to a city built by kleptocratic politicians on stolen land.
We pulled off the Murtala Mohammed Highway at Mpape Junction, and immediately the road deteriorated.

Aso Rock  
There are many uninhabited mansions near Aso Rock
"I am going to show you the real Abuja," Atta told me, as his car struggled up a deeply-rutted dirt track.
A warm wind from the desert to the north - the Harmattan - whipped clouds of red dust around us as we climbed through rocky scrubland into the hills.

“Start Quote

Life here is difficult. Often we can't see across the street because of the smoke and dust”
People began to appear on the streets - men carrying ancient Singer sewing machines, women balancing baskets on their heads.
We entered a vast shanty-town of shacks with corrugated iron roofs, slums stacking to the horizon.
Nissan minivans scuttled past - they are called "One Chance" buses, as they barely stop on their manic journeys through these uncharted streets.
Crowds thronged between skinny cows, beneath posters advertising beaming televangelists.
Dance music blared out, interrupted by a muezzin's call to prayer. Bright-eyed children kicked footballs about.
This was the home of the Gwari people, the original inhabitants of the land where the capital was built.
Hundreds of thousands of them were summarily evicted in the 1970s, and now scrape a living in the hills.

Gwari people crossing road  
Many of the original owners of the land around Abuja are now living in poverty
Abuja is itself a Gwari word and, although the city of generals and politicians below us had barely 700,000 inhabitants, two or three million people live in these shanty towns, many of them Gwari.
The Gwari people continue to fight for compensation for the land wrested from them by the Obasanjo government, land now worth more per square kilometre than almost anywhere else in Africa.
We got out and walked through the smoke and dust towards a row of shacks.
In one of them, a woman knelt on the ground plucking a chicken, a man above her leaning on a makeshift bar.
They were Frank and Mary, Gwari people in their thirties, children of one of the thousands of families originally evicted during the foundation of Abuja.
The four of us sat in the shack sipping Fantas, staring out at the swarming life of the shanty town: Motorbikes and cattle and people, all of them through a veil of reddish dust.
"I trained as an architect," Frank told me. "I have an education. But I do not have money, I don't know the right people. So I work here with my sister. In Abuja, money defines everything."
I ask him about the empty mansions lining the roads into the city.
"That is pseudo-Abuja, a false place. It's unjust - we should be living in those houses. Instead…" He gestured to the squalid lean-to that jutted from the back of the bar.
Mary looked up from her chicken. "Life here is difficult," she says.
"Often we can't see across the street because of the smoke and dust. If it rains, you can't move for the mud. But we pray hard."

Abuja street scene  
Thick dust and smoke often fill the streets 
Frank pulled out a CD. It was Fela Kuti's Suffering and Smiling.
"This," Frank said, as the music coiled out from an ancient hi-fi, "is the compressed statement of Nigerian society. We suffer, but we smile. Nothing will change until we get angry, until we stop smiling."
A storm was coming in, red clouds rolling overhead and thunder crackling down the valleys.
Frank and Mary stood waving to us, the music playing still, as we drove off down the hill, towards pseudo-Abuja.