Thursday, 28 November 2013

Peter Okoye Slams Emmy Collins On Twitter

Peter Okoye is very angry at the fashion designer Emma Collins. Three day ago he wrote about peter and his pals #wedding outfit after making some funny statement. see peter's tweet below.

University of Abuja directs students to resume on Sunday

Following this morning’s directive by the Federal Government that all Vice Chancellors of Federal Universities should re- open their universities for academic activities, the management of the University of Abuja has directed its students to resume academic activities on Sunday, the 1st of December.
The statement was this morning signed by the University registrar.
Telephone calls to the university’s ASUU chairman Dr. Clement Chup to react to the directive was not answered.

10 Reasons Why PlayStation 4 Is Better Than Xbox One


If you’re still on the fence about which next-gen awesomeness you should purchase, don’t worry, we have all the gory details on why the PlayStation 4 is your no. 1 pick.
Last night (Nov. 14), Sony rented out The Standard hotel in New York City to welcome its latest creation upon the world. Meanwhile, Microsoft is parking their giant Xbox One in major cities across the U.S. and Canada in an attempt to let fans get hands-on with their next-gen offering. It’s quite a lot to take in if you’re fresh to the whole thing, but this is as sure as sign as any that the gaming cold war is now a full-fledge console battlefield.
If you’re one of the few who are on the outside looking in, but want to jump onto a certain console’s ship, just know there are many similarities between these two video game playing machines. But there are also some clear points of differentiation, too.
Whatever you decide to buy, you’ll surely be rewarded with an exemplary experience. But just to make sure you’ve made the correct choice, we’ve broken down 10 Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 Is Better Than the Xbox One, based on all the information available.
Dive in, gamers, the water is fine.
1. PS4 Has Better Online Love For every one positive mention that Xbox One received throughout this year, the PlayStation 4 got two. On the flip-side, the negative reactions through social media are higher for the One than for the PlayStation 4.
2. PS4 Has The Better Pricing While both boast next-gen features and triple-A titles, the PlayStation 4 will only cost gamers $399 + tax, while Microsoft believes their product is every bit worth the $499 + tax that will hit wallets hard this holiday season.
3. PS4 Has The Better Processor
Sony has the upper hand in terms of raw processing power. Armed with custom AMD chips and 8GB of RAM, the PlayStation 4 also boasts a much superior DDR5 and a GPU that is 50 per cent more powerful than the Xbox One’s.
4. PS4 Has The Better Backward Compatibility While neither console truly has the ability to play previous-gen games the way fans would like, the PlayStation 4′s Gaikai cloud-based service will allow avid gamers to play their favorite titles without needed any cords or the old consoles themselves. The Xbox is struggling to find a way to match that.
5. PS4 Has The Better Subscription
Previous iterations meant free online multiplayer for gamers. With the popularity (and cash-making bonanza) of the Internet, the PlayStation 4 has decided to charge gamers through its PlayStation Plus membership. At $50 a year, a subscription with PlayStation Plus is still $10 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service.
6. PlayStation Has The Better Release Date
Available today (Nov. 15), gamers hungry for their next-gen fix don’t have to wait for any Black Friday deals, and will be able to play the coolest titles way before Turkey Day. Meanwhile, Xbox fans will have to mesh with other holiday shoppers during the Black Friday / Early Christmas rush when it comes out on 11/22.
7. PS4 Has The Better Controller
Sony’s new DualShock 4 controller is more comfortable than Microsoft’s redesigned concept. Boasting a touchpad for mouse-like control, better thumbsticks, and a share button to allow for true social media integration, this is a key area where the PlayStation 4 has pulled ahead from the pack.
8. PS4 Has Better Love For Indies
Sony made an early pitch to the gaming community by supporting independent game developers. With companies like Supergiant Games (Transistor), Red Barrels Studio (Outlast), and Young Horses all on-board, the PlayStation 4 has the indie developer crowd on lock.
9. PS4 Has Better Offline Play
While the Xbox One boasts a better camera (Kinect 2.0), the PlayStation 4 offers remote and cross-play functionality through the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s mobile device. The ability to play your PlayStation 4 games anywhere you go sets it apart from Microsoft and will embolden you to your family who don’t want to “instant-switch” to watch Adventure Time.
10. PS4 Has The Better Launch Party
Simulcasting on Twitch TV, Ustream, and Spike TV, the PlayStation 4 launch party was an event to enjoy in person (at New York City’s The Standard Hotel) or online. While we have yet to see what Microsoft is going to roll out, there’s no way that the Xbox One will have a better surprise thanUncharted 4 waiting in the wings.