Friday, 17 January 2014

Ronaldo’s physios waiting for new cars he promised them if he won Ballon d’Or

 It’s a hard life being Cristiano Ronaldo’s physio – but it can have its rewards.
The recently crowned FIFA Ballon d’Or has promised Madrid medics a new car after
he won their bestplayer in the world award this week.In a recent interview
with Sportsmail, RealMadrid coach PaulClement revealed how
dedicated Ronaldo would often go for a dawn rub-down when coming back from a
midweek Champions League game.All well and good forRonaldo but not so
clever for the physios ho have to get to workwhen all they really
want to do is get home.
But Ronaldo looks after
his massage team and
has in the past given
new watches and the
latest iPhones as thank
you presents.
The Portuguese
superman is so grateful
for the way they have
helped him avoid injury
in recent seasons that
he told them he would
buy then new cars if he
won the Ballon d’Or.
He is known for being a
man of his word so the
staff are now waiting
anxiously for their new

Archbishop Desmond Tutu forms political party for gays in SA

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has surprised South
Africans by announcing the formation of a gay
political party called the Democratic Religious
Alliance Against Minority Antagonism
The party is set to take part in a general election
later this year.
Last year Tutu outraged Christians when he
declared: “I would refuse to go to a homophobic
heaven…No, I would say sorry, I mean I would
much rather go to hell…I would not worship a
God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I
feel about this.”
The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and South
African archbishop emeritus added that he does
not believe religion provides justification for
His passion on the issue has led him to form the
world’s first gay political party to address an
issue which he feels president Jacob Zuma
“tiptoes” around.
The first and last time we ever heard president
Jacob Zuma addressing issues around anti-
homophobia was when he had to make a public
apology regarding a damaging statement he
made about this minority group.
In a media statement released on Wednesday,
DRAAMA said it is set to be at the forefront of
minority human-rights issues the current ruling
party has dragged its feet in addressing.
According to report: “With gay socialite and
choreographer Somizi Mhlongo being poached
as the party’s spin doctor, South Africans should
brace themselves for a lot of DRAAMA!!!”
Said Mhlongo: “I was pleasantly surprised upon
receiving a call from the honourable Archbishop
Desmond Tutu informing me of his intentions
and his request for my involvement.”
Before his election as South African President
Jacob Zuma was forced to apologise after
offending the gay community.
He was quoted as saying that same-sex
marriages were: “A disgrace to the nation and to
He also said that when he was a young man, he
would have knocked down any homosexual
person he met.
He later retracted his words and explained: “My
remarks were made in the context of the
traditional way of raising children … I said the
communal upbringing of children in the past
was able to assist parents to notice children with
a different social orientation. I however did not
intend to have this interpreted as a
condemnation of gays and lesbians.”
He also said he respected: “The sterling
contribution of many gay and lesbian
compatriots in the struggle that brought about
our freedom.”

‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’: Nun gives birth in Italy, names baby Francis

A Salvadorean nun who said she had no idea
she was pregnant gave birth in Italy this week
after she felt stomach cramps in her convent
and was rushed to hospital, Italian media
reported on Friday.
The 31-year-old mother and her baby boy,
who weighs 3.5 kilogrammes (nine pounds),
are doing well and other new mothers in Rieti
hospital have begun collecting clothes and
donations for her, the reports said.
“I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a
stomach pain,” the nun was quoted as saying
at the hospital, the Italian news agency ANSA
La Repubblica said she gave birth on
ANSA said the nun had named her baby
Francesco (Francis) — also the pope’s chosen
title and one of the most popular names in
Italy, where St Francis of Assisi is the much-
loved national patron saint.
The hospital could not be reached for
The nun belongs to the “Little Disciples of
Jesus” convent in Campomoro near Rieti,
which manages an old people’s home and
reports said she would keep the baby.
Her fellow nuns were quoted saying they
were “very surprised”.