Saturday, 21 December 2013

World’s most pierced woman with 7,000 Metalic Piercings Gets Married (PHOTOS)

For someone covered from head to toe in nearly 7,000 metallic piercings, one extra ring might not be anything particularly special.
But the latest addition to Elaine Davidson’s collection could be her most cherished ring yet, as the world’s most pierced woman today married.
Miss Davidson, who at a recent count had an astonishing 6,925 piercings, tied the knot in Edinburgh, where she lives and runs a shop.
The 42-year-old was accompanied to a registry office in the Scottish capital wearing a white gown as well as pink and flowers around her hair.
And for the special occasion she naturally kept her trademark piercings all in place, along with green, yellow and blue paint markings on her face.
Her husband, Douglas Watson, who has no visible piercings, was dressed for the 35-minute ceremony in a dark blue suit with a blue shirt and tie.
She was also accompanied into Edinburgh Registry Office by two bridesmaids dressed in pink.
The Brazilian-born former nurse first broke the record for most piercings in May 2000, when a Guinness World Records official examined her and found 462 piercings on her body, including 192 on her face.
Miss Davidson has previously said she never removes the rings and studs, which she estimates weigh a total of around three kilos. She also insists there is no pain involved in the piercing, and that she sleeps every night with every piercing still in place.
However, she revealed in 2009 that she doesn’t like being pieced and suffers for her art.
She said in February 2009, when she had 6,005 piercings including 1,500 that are ‘internal’: ‘I don’t enjoy getting pierced, but to break the record you have to get to a high level.
‘I wanted to break the record.
‘My family don’t even like tattoos or piercings.’
On her own website, Miss Davidson, who also sleeps on a bed of nails and has walked on fire and glass, says she enjoys extreme sports and theatre, but does not drink or smoke.