Saturday, 18 January 2014

‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ Is Now A Motivational Speaker (PHOTOS)

Insults hurt in more ways than imaginable.
When someone says words could never
hurt them they’re usually just hiding
behind the hurt because the reality is that
negative words can cut deeply, causing
depression, low self-esteem and the list
goes on. But one young woman named
Lizzie Velasquez, age 24, used negative
words as inspiration to rise above her
Lizzie was once labeled as the “World’s
Ugliest Woman” because of a rare
deformity that she shares with only two
other people in the world, a rare syndrome
known as Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome.
It’s a condition that causes one to age faster
and lose fat at an accelerated rate.
Presently, Lizzie only weighs 58 pounds
because she is unable to gain weight. The
syndrome has also caused her to go blind in
her right eye.
But worse than the physical suffering,
Lizzie also has had to face a lot of
negativity. In high school she was a
constant victim of bullying. Lizzie
discovered a YouTube video called “World’s
Ugliest Woman” when she was in high
school that featured her. The video racked
up more than a million views and
comments. Her classmates would hurl very
hurtful words at her and perhaps one of the
most hurtful that Lizzie recalled was when
someone told her ‘put a gun to her head
and kill herself’.
Lizzie didn’t allow the hurtful words to
harm her, in fact, she used it as motivation
to inspire others. Being called the “World’s
Ugliest Woman” she could have easily
hidden herself away from the world. But
Lizzie rose above the situation to become
an author and motivational speaker. Now,
she stands before crowds of people
inspiring and motivating them with her
Lizzie explains, ‘I’ve had a really difficult
life, but that’s OK. I’m going to let my goals
and my success and my accomplishments
define me, not my outer appearance.’
One question that Lizzie always asks her
audiences is ‘What defines you?’
She didn’t allow her outward appearance or
the negative things people said to her to
define her. She went on to become a
positive influence in the world. But, Lizzie
will tell you that it wasn’t easy. People may
think she’s totally resilient, but Lizzie will
tell you it’s difficult because she’s human
and it hurts. But she has found strength to
rise above her situation and author three
books, one of which is “Be Beautiful, Be

Nigerian leader spotted at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (PHOTO)

Nigeria’s ex-Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar
today dropped the toga of a politician to join
tens of thousands of others to watch London
team, Arsenal play bitter rivals Fulham FC at
the Emirates Stadium.
Abubakar who joined the social media
network, Twitter recently, was spotted
wearing a Arsenal muffler.
The former VP says he got the ticket as a gift
from his son-in-law in.

Anti-gay law: Nigerian homosexuals plan protest in Abuja

 Under the aegis of ‘The Right Defense’,
Nigerian gays and lesbians are staging a
protest, daring President Goodluck Jonathan
by demonstrating in Abuja.
According to a statement, they are protesting
against the anti-gay law which took effect
on 7 January after the president’s assent.
The anti-gay law has been criticized by a few
western countries describing it as an
infringement on the rights of gays and
PM News reports:
Nigerian gays in a statement they
accompanied with masked pictures of
themselves said they were protesting against
an “undemocratic and unlawful
discrimination” of gays and lesbians and
trans-genders in the country.
The demonstration in Abuja, they said, has
become necessary to condemn what they call
“an increase in threats against fundamental
human rights of certain persons including
LGBT in the country.”
“This is not an ideological protest movement.
It’s about quality of democracy in Nigeria.
This is about people making some very
democratic demands about the government’s
need to respect freedom of assembly and
freedom of association, as it is channelled in
the United Nations universal declaration of
Human Rights,” The Right Defense said.
The group added: “We also challenge the
existence of the Nigeria human rights body,
the National Human Right Commission for
its lack of integrity and principle in the fight
against discrimination and violation of
individual rights.”
The Right Defense said many of its members
have suffered overt discrimination from law
enforcement and judicial authorities,
particularly in their various communities for
being constantly accused of indecent
They said they often don’t report rights
violations to authorities out of fear of reprisal
or arrest.
The group said many Nigerians have in the
past fled the country due to threats to life and
harassment in their communities.
Those who have fled include Alimi Bisi, Philip
Temidayo Adabayo, Desmond Patric, Nkechi
Ugo, Lara Abiodun Akinniyi, Simeon Demola
Adesanmi, Penu K. Z, the group said.
“The planning for the unviolent rally is to
avert the continuous attacking of the
unarmed citizens and the unlawful and
arbitrary arrest of wanted individuals,” the
group said.
The individuals declared wanted by the
police, the group said, include, Lizzy betty,
Precious Rita, Orilonise Hakeem I, Aniere
Olaniran A., Egwabor Felix, Samuel
Adekunle Segun, Michael Olanrewaju O.,
Olorunmaku Taofeek and so many at large.
In the statement, the Right Defense Group it
commends European Union Countries and
the Canadian Government through its
representatives for standing for urging the
Nigerian government and the National
Assembly to reverse the prohibited same sex
The press released was signed by Olalekan
Olasunkanmi A., L.Ogunhowo Olayinka,
Hunsu Samuel O., Adeola Ogunshola K.