Monday, 23 December 2013

British Airways Jet crashes into building in South Africa (Photo)

A Boeing 747 jet belonging to British Airways,
yesterday Sunday Dec. 22nd crashed its right
wing into an airport building inside the OR
Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.
(Pic above)
The flight, which was on its way to London,
veered off the taxiway as it headed to the
runway and buried its right wing in the 2-storey
brick structure, injuring four airport officials,
Daily Mail reports.
A statement from the South African Civil
Aviation Authority's (SACAA) preliminary
report, said the aircraft was cleared for takeoff
on Runway 03L but took a smaller runway.
'The air crew got instructions from the Air
Traffic Control to taxi using taxi way B. The
crew continued onto taxi way M which is
narrower resulting in the aircraft impacting on
an office building behind the SAA Technical
A spokesman for OR Tambo airport said the 17
Crew and 185 passengers who were in the
aircraft escaped unharmed. They were
evacuated from the aircraft and spent the night
in a hotel.

Christmas In Barbados: Rihanna Poses Make-Up Free In Brown Bikini (PHOTOS)

Rihanna returned to her home in Barbados on Saturday December 22nd 2013 to spend
the holidays.Despite wearing little makeup, the 25-year-old superstar singer shared a number of selfies as she relaxed with her mom.
The star held her hand to her face in the picture, while her curly hair was tied up ina high ponytail, displaying her large hoop earrings, bracelets, and rings.She captioned
it ‘She Heauxm #Rasta’.

The Magical Moment Gabrielle Union Accepted Dwyane Wade’s $1 Million Ring [LOOK]

A photo has just been released of the
moment Gabrielle Union said yes to Miami
Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade’s
proposal on Saturday December 21st 2013
and shows her embracing her new fiancé
while he is still on bended knee.

The cute photo shows Union’s face is
hidden by her glossy black hair, Wade’s
huge smile is clearly evident as he poses on
bended knee with his head leaning against
her, clearly having just proposed.
Wade, 31, and Union, 41, started dating in
2009. They announced their engagement
on twitter posting a photo of the
engagement ring.

‘Sooooo this happened…#Yessss,’ Union
excitedly wrote in the caption.
‘She said YES!!!’ Wade echoed on his own
Twitter account, alongside a post of the
same photo.
The photo is a close-up of just her hand
wearing the dazzling ring and resting gently
on Dwyane’s fingertips

Catholics Reply Kumuyi: Christmas Is Good, We'll Celebrate It

The Director of Social Communications, Catholic
Archdiocese of Lagos, Monsignor Gabriel Osu,
reacting to Pastor Kumuyi’s proclamation about
the celebration of Christmas, said:
“I don’t know what he means by saying the
practice of celebrating Christmas is wrong. “Is
he saying that Christ wasn’t born? That he
didn’t come to die for us? Does he not
celebrate his own birthday?
"Do Kumuyi’s pastors not celebrate him? It is
not everything I react to; some people just
seek attention. If Kumuyi is a Christian, then
he must believe in Christ.
“The celebration of Christmas didn’t just start
today; it is too public an event for anyone to say
that they don’t know what it is about. If Kumuyi
is condemning the commercialisation of
Christmas, I can understand that. Christ came to
redeem us from our lost state; this was
actualised through his coming, his birth; that is
why we celebrate Christmas. It is the fulfilment
of God’s promise.
“I saw him on the television a few days ago. He
was in Akwa Ibom State and was the chief
preacher during their Christmas celebration
event. Kumuyi is just saying what he feels; he is
not making any doctrinal statement.”
On his part, the spokesperson for the Christian
Association of Nigeria, Oshodi chapter, Lagos
State, Pastor Barnabas Otoibhi, said that
Christmas is worth celebrating. Otoibhi told
Punch in a telephone interview that the origin of
Christmas was not as important as its essence.
He said, “The origin of Christmas, as we know it,
could be traced to Roman Emperor,
Constantine. Christmas was a day for
celebrating the Sun God. However, because
Constantine was a Christian, the day was
changed to commemorate the birth of Jesus
“The tradition has continued to date and since
the aim of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus since
there is nothing bad in honouring Jesus. Also,
the worship of the Sun God was done in Rome
and not everywhere in the world, so it is not part
of our history.”

Christmas Is Idolatrous, Don't Celebrate It ––Pastor Kumuyi

The General Overseer of the Deeper Christian
Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, has warned
members of the church against celebrating
Christmas, saying the celebration of Christmas is
idolatrous and unscriptural.
Kumuyi warned that doing so is making
Christians to go back from the commandment of
Jesus Christ.
"We don’t celebrate Christmas. It actually
came from idolatrous background. That is why
you don’t hear us sing what they call Christmas
carol, Never! We always say it is the December
retreat. We are only gathering together
because it is the holiday period and love the
lord more, and rededicate ourselves more."
The cleric said this on Saturday at the annual
national December convention of the church,
which held at the church’s camp ground in Ogun
He said, “When you find anybody coming in, or
any leader, trying to introduce the idolatry of
mystery Babylon, that they call Christmas and
you want to bring all the Christmas carol saying
that is the day that Jesus was born, and you
don’t find that in the Acts of the Apostles or in
the early church, then you don’t find that in the
church either. If you don’t know that before,
now you know.”
He warned that any of the church’s leaders that
tried to introduce the “idolatry of Christmas”
into any section of the church would be
sanctioned, while also encouraging other
believers in Christ to jettison the celebration as
part of their sacrifice to perfection.
Kumuyi said the duty of the church is to make
people more like Jesus Christ, not join in
worldly celebrations.
“We are not trying to make the church turn like
the world. We want it to be like Jesus Christ,
and more like the Apostles. If you don’t have
that mind with us, then you have permission to
go to other places,” he added.