Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Check Out The 1 Million Dollar Swimsuit!

Australian jeweler Ann Middleton has unveiled her own costume intricately garnished with over 220 diamonds and pearls, a sparkling ensemble worth AUS$1 million [583,302 Pounds]. Middletonreportedly spent hundreds of hours into creating the world’s most expensive bikini.
The famous jewelry designer has also created pieces for Sir Elton John and President Bill Clinton in the past. This time around, she worked in collaboration with swimwear label Sunseeker to craft the 133-carat piece which will be modeled by Samantha Harris [model in the picture] at the inaugural Gold Coast Fashion Festival in Queensland at the end of November.
Middleton has been creating jewelry for a whooping 39 years and has used almost 100 Australian South Sea pearls in this novel creation.
In her interview with Australian newspaper, The Herald Sun, Middleton said, “Hundreds of hours went into creating the swimsuit and we used as many Australian gems and pearls as possible. I hadn’t done a swimsuit before but when I saw the design, I knew I wanted to create a seemingly simple, perfect, beautiful garment.”
Festival organizer Leanne St George said the beach-inspired showcase will draw attention to the Gold Coast and Queensland: ‘It was a wonderful coup to have Samantha, Ann and Sunseeker come on board with this project. Our lifestyle and fashion is unique. It’s time to take them to the world.”
What do you guys think of this unbelievably expensive piece of art?

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