Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lady Gaga Rides A Horse To 2013 America Music Awards

 Lady Gaga is the pop queen and the drama queen and holds the records for the most bizarre red carpet appearance everrrrr. 
Gaga made sure to top her game on Sunday at the just ended America Music Awards in Los Angeles by riding on a white puppet horse animated by two strong men.
The singer definitely ditched her 2011 Grammy egg hut to shine as Lady Godiva, the woman who famously rode naked through the UK city of Coventry in medieval times. Thank God she had her clothes on and who other than Versace to design a fabulous slinky purple flowing gown for the star?Gaga couldn’t stop smiling as she made her entrance with typical aplomb.
 Reports say she rode through downtown LA to the venue and was blowing kisses to hundreds of fans as she took her ride.
According to E_Online, Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, was looking happy and relaxed hours before taking the stage to perform her latest single Do What U Want alongside R Kelly. ‘I was working very hard for it and I was working for a very long time to make it memorable,’ she told E! about the performance . All eyes were on the eccentric singer as she rode into the show
Lady Gaga managed to gracefully dismount with the help of a well built male assistant in an all white ensemble. How about that for the Queen of Dramatics?
Good or Bad?

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