Friday, 17 January 2014

Ronaldo’s physios waiting for new cars he promised them if he won Ballon d’Or

 It’s a hard life being Cristiano Ronaldo’s physio – but it can have its rewards.
The recently crowned FIFA Ballon d’Or has promised Madrid medics a new car after
he won their bestplayer in the world award this week.In a recent interview
with Sportsmail, RealMadrid coach PaulClement revealed how
dedicated Ronaldo would often go for a dawn rub-down when coming back from a
midweek Champions League game.All well and good forRonaldo but not so
clever for the physios ho have to get to workwhen all they really
want to do is get home.
But Ronaldo looks after
his massage team and
has in the past given
new watches and the
latest iPhones as thank
you presents.
The Portuguese
superman is so grateful
for the way they have
helped him avoid injury
in recent seasons that
he told them he would
buy then new cars if he
won the Ballon d’Or.
He is known for being a
man of his word so the
staff are now waiting
anxiously for their new

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