Tuesday, 7 January 2014

SHOCKING: Woman rushed to the hospital after suffering a 3 HOUR ORGASM (PICTURED, WATCH)

The thin line between pleasure and pain was
aptly demonstrated in the case of an American
woman who had an orgasm which lasted for
three whole hours.
The lady, simply identified as Liz from Seattle
had to be taken to an emergency room when it
became apparent that the orgasm was not
nearing its end.
The incident left doctors confused as they
initially thought she was going into labour.
The Mirror reports:
Doctors initially thought that Liz was going into
labour when she arrived at the emergency room
in Seattle – only to discover that she was short
of breath due to a seemingly never-ending
Liz and her partner Eric discuss the ordeal –
which is accompanied by a dramatic
reconstruction – as part of TLC’s new series Sex
Sent me to the ER.
She said: “I started hopping up and down to see
if that would do anything, but there was nothing
we could come up with that would stop me from
The couple also reportedly attempted to subdue
the intensity of the orgasm with some wine –
before deciding after two hours that it was time
to go to the emergency room.
It took another hour of painful pleasure before
the orgasm eventually died down, with Liz now
being closely monitored by several bemused
Even Eric found himself becoming less smug as
the minutes went on.
He added: “There were eyes on me and I was
still feeling very tense and uptight and uncertain
about what was going on and what was going to

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