Monday, 23 December 2013

The Magical Moment Gabrielle Union Accepted Dwyane Wade’s $1 Million Ring [LOOK]

A photo has just been released of the
moment Gabrielle Union said yes to Miami
Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade’s
proposal on Saturday December 21st 2013
and shows her embracing her new fiancé
while he is still on bended knee.

The cute photo shows Union’s face is
hidden by her glossy black hair, Wade’s
huge smile is clearly evident as he poses on
bended knee with his head leaning against
her, clearly having just proposed.
Wade, 31, and Union, 41, started dating in
2009. They announced their engagement
on twitter posting a photo of the
engagement ring.

‘Sooooo this happened…#Yessss,’ Union
excitedly wrote in the caption.
‘She said YES!!!’ Wade echoed on his own
Twitter account, alongside a post of the
same photo.
The photo is a close-up of just her hand
wearing the dazzling ring and resting gently
on Dwyane’s fingertips

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