Monday, 30 December 2013

Cardinal Okojie talks about Chris Okotie's attack on Catholics

Former Bishop of Lagos, retired Cardinal
Anthony Okojie has finally reacted to the
offensive remark made by Chris Okotie of
Household of God where he said all Catholics
will go to hell because they worship Satan and
are led by an anti-Christ Pope. (If you missed it,
read it HERE)
Reacting, Cardinal Okojie said Okotie needs to
watch what he says or he'll be disgraced
“It is always good to talk on what you know,
not on what you do not know. The problem we
have today is that a lot of people put their
mouth in what does not concern them because
they want people to know that they too are
there; that they can be reckoned with.
“I don’t think that is the way to do things, no. I
think the best thing is to always put your
mouth where God puts it, if you don’t want to
be disgraced.” Okojie said

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