Friday, 29 November 2013

Some Uninvited Women Attend Weddings Every Weekend Looking and Hoping For a Husband?

 By Mauryn Bello
A friend of mine got wedded a few weeks ago
and since I couldn't make it to the wedding, I
paid her a brief visit earlier today. I met her
unwrapping her wedding gifts and the
inscription on one of the gifts caught my
attention. It read thus;
"Dear Bride & Groom, you do not know me,
neither do i know you, i wasn't even invited to
your wedding but i came, i hope you dont
mind? I am a lady in her prime, hoping to meet
and be joined to my better half just like you
two. I attend weddings every week and join
couples to celebrate hoping that luck would
shine on me too someday. My gift may not be
worth much but i want you to know that it is
from the bottom of my heart, please accept it
and say a sincere prayer from your hearts for
me. Congratulations and Happy married life!"
These were NOT her exact words though, i just
paraphrased but this was the basic content. I
don't know what you think of this trend?

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