Saturday, 30 November 2013

Joint wedding for P-Square?

P-Square are reportedly planning to have a joint white wedding.
This comes after one of the identical twin brothers, Peter recently had his traditional wedding.
His brother, Paul said they couldn't have their traditional weddings on the same day because of cultural differences.
Paul's fiancé, Anita Isama, is from Kogi and Peter's wife is Yoruba.
Paul said, "So because im dey marry Yoruba woman, wey dem go do am here, if my own na from Kogi, all of us go do am for Lagos? Make una chill. That's why it's a traditional marriage. You do it in a girl's home. When I go do my own, I will do it in her home."
Paul added, "If na for white wedding, I will answer you" prompting speculation that their white wedding will be on the same day.

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