Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why Families With Wives Richer Than Husbands Are In Danger — Actress Empress Njamaha

Famous not only for her acting, but also for
having being previously engaged in highly
discussed relationships with Timaya, Nollywood
actress Empress Njamah speaks on the issue of
welfare in the family.
According to Empress, while some women prefer
to be richer than their husbands, many men don't
want to marry wealthy ladies because they
believe such come with certain harms.
Speaking about the people of her profession, the
actress reveled she would never marry her
colleague because she couldn't imagine living
with someone whose job and income she knew so
Empress added:
"Should you be more popular or get richer than
the man, then you are in trouble as this could be
dangerous. If you are on six figures and he is on
less, there is trouble. Men and their egos!"
Do you agree with her point of view?

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