Tuesday, 28 January 2014

COMR. EZENWA OBIORA Talkes about Unizik SUG election

Its is evident to all that the SUG unizik has been
in an almost-dead
state, where the SUG is taken to be a business
venture, where
individual go-in to. Enrich themselves.
For three session now we'v had a ZERO-
IMPACT government, a government
that is NOT for the people. People with sweet
manifestos, with good sense of dressing, with
"sweet mouth" buy the
hearts of students with these techniques, get
into the government and
become WOLVES.
We have really suffered from politics of interest,
where godfatherism
is the order of the day, funds which are supposed
to be used for the
effective running of the union are embezzled/
syphoned and given to
godfathers in disguise of pledging loyalty,
Where offices in the union are blanked and left
dormant, for instance:
I spend N9000 monthly on USN (internet
modem subscription) alone not
even others with my money, Comr. Cindy Udoye
used her money to run
freshers night for year 1 students and many
My fellow students I speak with indepth
understanding of every "nuk nd
crani" in UNIZIK SUG, it is NO more about what
the person says in
his/her manifesto or the person's personality,
my people its basically
about who and who are behind an aspirant,
because they'll direct him
and guide him; so he is not misdirected.
For few months I'v been less concerned about
the election but I'v
decieded to wake-up to the challenges of the
union, I have done my
homework and will break my silence after the
We and only we can salvage our dying union...
Comr. Ezenwa Obiora
Check him out on www.uniziksugnews.com

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