Saturday, 7 December 2013

6 Most Popular Christmas Songs

Think Christmas and the first thing that would come to
your mind are the Christmas songs. Radio stations,
television channels and shopping malls begin playing
Christmas songs well before Christmas day and if you go
out anywhere you can never miss the Christmas songs.
There are so many versions of the same songs and it is fun
to listen to listen to the different take of many artists on the
same song. The same song could be in the rock genre and
pop genre and can also be sung in the blues fashion.
Whatever the genre Christmas songs sure bring out the
festive spirit in anyone and here are some of the most
popular Christmas songs.
1. Mary’s boy child by Boney M
It is one of those classics that you can replay over and over
and never get bores. The rich voices of the singers and the
tempo of the music will make even the saddest of the
people cheer up and want to dance.
2. Jingle Bell rock
Surprisingly you would associate this Christmas song with
the movie Bad Boys, but nevertheless this is a great
Christmas song and is definitely a classic. Bobby Helms
does a great rendition of this most famous and popular
Christmas song.
3. Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade
An unusual style for a Christmas song. The screechy voice
and the loud music is definitely not very Christmas like,
but it is quite popular maybe just because of its different
4. The Christmas song and White Christmas by Ant
king Cole
You will actually be transported to roasting chestnuts and a
warm fire in a living room when you listen to the deep
voice of Nat king Cole. This is definitely a must listen to
song for Christmas.
5. Winter Wonderland by Doris Day
This is one seriously mawkish, sugar sweet song by Doris
Day. The video id sweet too and that makes this song one of
the most popular songs played during Christmas.
6. Santa baby by Eartha kitt
Kitt has one of the sexiest voices ever and this song is truly
sexy if that adjective can be used to describe a song. The
cover by kylie Minogue comes nowhere close and should be
avoided if possible.
Everyone will have their own favorite Christmas songs and
it is almost a common thing to see people creating new
playlists around the beginning of December every year just
to get into the Christmas spirit. Some songs can truly create
magic and transport you to a Christmas wonderland.
6 Most Popular Christmas Songs

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