Monday, 11 November 2013

Actress Bose Arowosegbe: Single Men Are Immature, So We Go For Married Men

If you have been wondering why Nigerian actresses prefer marrying other people’s husband, wonder no more, because Nollywood/Yoruba actress, Bose Arowosegbe, has come out to support the trend of actresses going after married men.
Just like some of her colleagues have done in the past, Bose is a second wife and she is proud of that. Her reasons are that single men are immature, childish, poor and do not have what it takes to give the actresses the kind of life they deserve.
Here is what she said: “I am married to a married man. I have not told anyone this before. Why actresses go for married men is that most single men out there are not matured enough to handle the fact that actresses are normal women.
“They believe we are harlots to be used and dumped. I believe they are too immature to handle the life around us. They are easily affected by things they read and hear about us, and also things they see on screen about us.
“But married men are matured to handle all these. They listen to us instead of listening to gist about us. They seem to understand women better. Besides, they are more caring, gentler and wiser.”

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